Why you should NOT recruit on Social Media…

If you were just getting ready to kick off your week by hunting for some new people on Facebook, I don’t want to spoil your plans.

However, if you’re even thinking about using Social Media for business, here’s something you need to know.

Imagine you go to a party. You’re having a good time, hanging out with old friends and catching up with people you haven’t seen in awhile.

Suddenly someone you’ve never met before comes up to you, introduces themselves, and a minute later starts selling you their business opportunity.

Would that immediately turn you off?


You’re there for a party. Not a sales presentation.

Well, that’s how most people who are prospected on Facebook feel.

They are there to look at pictures, connect with friends, and check their newsfeed to basically kill time and get some entertainment.

NOT to be pitched.

I think when most network marketers hear about using Social Media to recruit, they take it literally, and actually try to recruit people on Facebook.

And that’s a BIG mistake.

You don’t sponsor people on Facebook. You connect with them. And only after you make that connection, you move the conversation to your business.

That’s the right way to prospect and recruit with Social Media.

Which is exactly how network marketing superstar and my mentor Julie Burke, personally sponsored 278 people and built a team of over 8,300 reps, through Social Media.

She reveals her entire step-by-step enrollment strategy here.

If you want to use Facebook to find people for your team and grow your business, just model what Julie has done.

You can get your hands on her recruiting blueprint right here.

Talk soon,