What To Do When Your Upline Doesn’t Want You To Use The Internet To Build


A very common question I get from people learning the cutting edge online recruiting methods inside the ‘Attraction Marketing Formula’ training, has to do with a concern over being scolded by an upline for “choosing a different path.”

For example, I was on a conference call a couple months ago and a someone asked how they should deal with their upline who is so entrenched in the old way of thinking, they were afraid the upline might be critical and/or disagree with choosing to prospect and recruit online.

In some cases, there are leaders who will monitor every move their reps make, watch their stats, review volume and call or email on a daily basis to see who you have prospected recently or showed the plan to.

Now I gotta say, I know ‘attraction marketing’ works and once new reps and customers start rolling in for you, your upline will have questions and most likely, be negative about building the business differently than how they did it back in the ’80s or ’90s or even early 2000’s.

And this is a position I empathize with, because my upline once told me, after having built a small team offline, that I risked losing my business by using online methods which were “unproven”…

This issue pretty much comes down to this…

Everyone wants to know what the “best way” to build their business is.  It’s human nature to move towards methods that are most efficient and bring the fastest and highest results for the least amount of work and most distributors are on a constant search to find ‘magic system’.

Now as much as we’d like to definitely say that “attraction marketing is the best way in the world to build a network marketing business,” I can’t. (No, really I mean it!) I can’t.

Because we wouldn’t even be considering the most important component of anyone’s success – YOU!

We all have different strengths, weaknesses and abilities. And all this factors into what will work best for us as individuals.

If your upline built his business a while ago and has had success using old school cold market recruiting methods, (like cold calling or cold prospecting), then as far as they are concerned, those methods are what work the best.

Throughout their networking career, these are the methods they feel most comfortable using, most likely, to great effect because they’ve spent years mastering that skill set.

Now if you just started your network marketing business today in 2017, you’re going to need to figure out which methods work best for YOU.

If prospecting friends and family, holding home meetings, going to hotel meetings or prospecting strangers aint’ your thing, that’s totally cool!

They don’t appeal to me either, but it doesn’t mean that my way works better than someone else’s.

When it comes to being confronted by your upline or upsetting people in your company, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Let them know that you prefer to approach your business using strategies more in line with your interests and strengths.

If they got an issue with it, it’s THEIR problem and if that’s the case, you may want to consider joining an organization that uses and supports the methods you wish to pursue.

(After all, this is a business so make ‘business decisions’ and don’t stay with an unsupportive upline because you have some cultish separation anxiety issue…. but anyway, that’s fodder for another post LOL!)

For as long as I’ve been in network marketing, I’ve tried to build this business in many different ways… home/hotel meetings, cold market prospecting, prospecting the bartender, calling up friends & family, mass emails, craigslist ads, etc.

Now, I’m a very logic oriented person, which means I constantly analyze what was really going on as I tried different methods and learned a ton from everything I tried, even when things didn’t work out.

But now, I pretty much made up my mind that I wanted to build a business in a way that reflected the age we were living in.

It made absolutely no sense for me to be operating like a door to door salesman, which I would not do. I needed to take advantage of my strengths and use technology as a major leverage point in my business.

But the cool thing is that I didn’t even invent ‘attraction marketing’. I learned these skills from my mentor Ferny Ceballos, a MIT graduate that built his first six-figure income in network marketing using attraction marketing.

After learning this I thought, “If he could do it, I could do it too!”

What he showed me was a way of building that actually turned his networking business into a HOME business (i.e. build while at home) by using the power of the internet.

Some people in this industry attacked him for doing it a “different” way.

You know what? It didn’t matter to him. All that mattered was that…
a) He made money,
b) He was able to quit his full-time job and
c) helped others like myself do the same.

Here’s essentially what you need to make attraction marketing work, in the same way countless 6-figure and 7-figure earners have learned from by using this system:

Step 1: Find the best target market

The best target market to go after consists of people who have already said YES to a home business.

In fact, on a daily basis networkers, affiliate marketers and internet marketers across the world voluntarily sent Ferny their contact information, showing interest in either his business, his mentorship or both.

This was possible because instead of pitching his opportunity to them, he focused his efforts on solving THEIR problems and addressing their needs.

Step 2: Demonstrate value

He never chased people or try to convince people to join his business. Instead, he attracted them by demonstrating value and leadership through effective marketing.

In fact, hundreds of people he didn’t know contacted him wanting to invest between $10,000 – $20,000 to receive his mentorship. Crazy huh?

To his surprise, many of the folks didn’t really know him too well. They just knew they wanted what he had to offer and were just hoping he would accept them into his program.

The trick here was to position what he offered as valuable, in a way that no one else did.  And he can tell you for certain it’s a lot easier to ask for an enrollment fee, when they are wanting to learn more about what it is he was doing.

Step 3: Create websites & emails that sell for you

I will absolutely not sit on the phone all day, cold calling people and pitch them on my opportunity.  Cold calling…I hate it. I did it when I first began my career in real estate and dreaded doing it. In fact, now I have setup simple websites and automated email systems that actually do the selling for me.

The only way I’m going to get on the phone with someone who wants to buy something from me or join my business, is if they are sure they want to get started and maybe have a few clarifying questions.  Even then, I still insist on interviewing EVERYONE I would be personally be working with.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of crazies out there. LOL 😉

Step 4: Build “You, Inc.”

I don’t focus simply on just building a network marketing or direct sales opportunity, which may or may not be around in 5 years. My focus for the past year has been on building my BRAND or YOU INC, which consist of a community, email list and reputation I can take with me wherever I go.

Fact of the matter, is that I’ve actually been in many different business opportunities, which have come and gone, yet my business income can continue to grow each and every year, regardless of what company I was or am with.

That is only possible because of the brand and reputation I am cultivating over the last year.  Your network marketing business is just the vehicle, but not your TRUE business.

My email list is becoming an online distribution channel, which will bring stability and growth.  It will also allow me to build another business or opportunity with the click of a mouse, should something ever happen to my opportunity.

Step 5: People who say “no” are awesome!

One of the keys that will bring stability to your income will be when you accept the fact that 90% of the people you find anywhere will say “NO” to your products or opportunity.

I found a way to make these people customers in other ways, by providing solutions to their biggest problems and needs, which means I can make money either way, even if they say no to my products or opportunity.

The best part about learning how to build your business this way is that you do away with the dreaded cold calls and bugging family and friends…again. Your business becomes fun again when people are reaching out to you and wanting to talk to you instead of the other way around.

You become more confident, so does your posture. People love to follow those who know where they are going.

Step 6: Build an empire

Master networkers know that their goal is not to build just a downline or home business. It’s to build a business than can serve the needs of an entire industry.

When what you’ve created can influence the direction of an industry, not only can you build a downline, not only can you build a financial legacy… you can be a FORCE other leaders want to attach themselves to.

Now, I’m not saying that what I’ve just outlined is “THE BEST” way to build. All I can share with you is what Ferny has done and taught me and what I’ve been doing that has worked for me…

Not only does it give me hope in someday quitting my job…
Not only do I get to build my business from home…
Not only do I get to wake up and have commission notices emailed to me…

I haven’t prospected a single stranger or shared my opportunity with a family member in the last year.

By focusing on solving problems and adding value to an industry, I am able to attract literally thousands of followers.

The blueprint for all this, I’ve outlined inside my 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp, which will teach you the art of ‘attraction marketing,’ specific to your needs.

If you are like me and prefer to actually BE HOME while building your home business and do it in a way, which generates prospects and customers for your business, while you are sleeping, eating or out with friends… then you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Even after all this, the techniques you’ll be exposed to is the way I have been building my business, which has been adopted by many of the industry’s newest 7-figure producers.  It might be for you or you may have more luck building the old way. (Hey it happens!)

All you can do is study what I have to share and see for yourself, by clicking here to sign up for free.

If what you are doing right now is working great for you, then that’s cool too. I’m happy for your success.

With enough effort and commitment, anything can work.

Best of luck.

Take care,
Scott Sakata

AMF Bootcamp