Should you lead with your company product or opportunity?

As you begin your journey on building your network marketing business, you’ll need to decide on how to approach prospects and those you know. Should you lead with the product or the opportunity? Many distributors don’t focus on customers they just focus on recruiting, while some distributors focus on gaining customers and not recruiting. So what should you do? That depends.

There are some pros and cons to both:

#1 – Leading with your company’s products or services is easier and more comfortable for most people. Doing it this way you can build a growing and satisfied customer base that would provide you a supplemental monthly income. As your customers continue to enjoy and get positive results of the products and/or services, you could then introduce them to the business side. Then as your customers slowly become your business partners, you would begin the process of creating a leveraged income as your organization grows. For the majority of people it’s more natural for them to lead with the product.

Another thing is if someone who has never done or built a network marketing business in the past approaches their friends and family on how to make money, it just comes off as being strange. Remember, your friends and family knows who you are on a personal level!

The downside to leading with the products/services is that it lengthens the time it takes to expand your business organization because you will be waiting for your customers to have a positive experience before introducing them to your business.

#2 – The other choice is to lead with your company’s business opportunity. This means you would focus your time introducing your company’s business to prospective business partners. The upside of leading with the business is that you can shorten the time it takes to begin expanding your organization and, when duplicated, it can lead to a fast growing business.

The downside of leading with the business is that it requires more training, if you are going to duplicate it correctly.

In summary, most people don’t have an entrepreneurial mindset, so it’s better to start with the product. Get them to enjoy it and create customers that get really excited about your product and in turn they’ll start telling people about it. Don’t lose touch with that person who is only interested in the product right now because many of those customers will shift their focus to the business and wanting to make extra income.

If you bring in someone who was interested in the business model and things haven’t worked out for them on the business side, they may end up being a satisfied product user for now as they work on their business building skills.

I hope you found this helpful. It begins with building a relationship with someone, asking questions and from there it should give you an idea of what would be of most interest to them. So make sure to always keep in touch and follow up with them sometime in the future.

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