No Prospects = Stress

No Prospects = Stress

The cause of stress and why many people quit network marketing is not having enough prospects or people to talk to. When you constantly bother friends and family and a few other prospects, you do everything you can to make them join your business opportunity.

When they feel this pressure and desperation from you, they immediately back away.

This leads to fewer prospects and eventually gets you into the NFL (No Friends Left) club. 

On the other hand, when you have lots of prospects, you’re happier and have less stress. Why?

Because you are not desperately waiting for one decision from one prospect. You don’t care what the outcome of that presentation will be.

Instead, you’re relaxed. You simply share your opportunity and work with those prospects who volunteer and step forward. 

Doesn’t it make sense to have prospects chasing you instead of you chasing them?

That’s what I learned from my mentor. 

The solution is simple: Find ways to increase your value to others, help them get what they want, then you can get what you want. help them solve their problems, then your problems go away. Creating a system like this to get leads and prospects to call you about your business.

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