No = Not Now

Hearing the word “no” too many times is where it frustrates the average person in network marketing and many of them quit and leave their dreams behind.

Any business where you market a product or service, you’ll come across more no’s, than yes’s, that’s just the way it is. Don’t take it personally.

So what does it mean when someone tells you “NO”? 

Does it mean:

  • Not interested?
  • Not right now? Maybe the timing is not right. Ask for permission to keep in touch so you can follow up at a later date.
  • Maybe? Maybe the person needs more time and or information to make a decision?
  • Many times when someone says “NO” to you they are thinking an looking at you from a personal standpoint. At the time you share the product and or opportunity with someone and they say NO to you, they are questioning you.

Just remember, when someone says “NO” to you it just means NOT NOW.

My personal experience follows this exactly.

A year before I joined my current network marketing company, a friend of mine called and wanted to share something with me. I kept an open mind and agreed. We met at a local food court at the shopping mall and I was introduced to her upline (hint: use your upline and/or a 3rd party source!). While my friend and her husband sat on another table to the side, I listened to her upline talk about the company and products. At the end I agreed to try a one-month supply of the product as health and wellness is very important to me.

At that time I was already using some other products, so after using up the month supply, I called my friend and told her thanks for thinking of me and letting me try the product but I’m ok with using the products I’m currently taking.  That was that.

Fast forward a year later. Without going in too much detail, I decided I needed to change the supplements I was taking. I called my friend and told her I wanted to meet and try the products again. Also at that time, I began to think about earning more income. When we met she showed me both the product form and the new distributor form. After a few questions, I signed up to be a distributor!

Think of my example as an analogy of a clock. We are looking for people who are at 12 o’clock.

Everyone is in different times of their lives. Some are at 12 o’clock and are open and ready to look for an opportunity. Some are at 3 o’clock, some are at 6 o’clock, 11 o’clock, etc.  

You need to talk to enough people to find the ones who are at 12 o’clock. These are the people who are ready and you can work with.

You can’t make someone be at 12 ‘clock you have to find them. Know also that that everyone gets to 12 o’clock at some time in their life. That is why you keep them on your list, stay in touch and follow up with them every few months or so.

Everyone’s CLOCK DIAL is set different so respect the word “NO” make friends and just remember “NO” means NOT NOW.

I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to share this with your team.

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