Keep it simple

You’ll never know if your new business partner that you’ve signed into the business will be your next superstar or not.
But as a leader of your team, it is your responsibility to get them started correctly and off to a great start. You need to make yourself available to them in the beginning to get them going, but ultimately, it is up to that new distributor to build their own business.
A good first step is to set up a meeting immediately with them to go over any Fast Start program that your company may have. For many new distributors, their immediate concern is to get their money back from investing in the starter pack.
At the meeting, write out the following EXACTLY on a piece of paper:
Tell them, “I will help you”, “But it’s up to you to build your business.”
They need to understand that they have to invest time and effort to build their business and it’s no one’s repsonsiblity but themself.
Here are the basics of getting a new distributor started:
1) They need to use the product regularly. Become a product of the product and understand the benefits. If they use the products, they will love the results that they get and they’ll want to share their story with others. Let them know that facts tell, but stories sell. Also, make sure they are on autoship if the product is used up monthly.
2) They need to get started on creating a list of names of people that they can begin contacting about the products and/or business.
3) They need to know a way to share the products and/or business with others. Either with product samples or 3rd party materials such as a product video, company video or brochures.
4) They need to know the basics of the back office and how to sign somone up as a customer or distributor. Help them with their first few presentations and remember to keep it simple. If you keep it simple and they see that it is, they’ll feel more confident in doing it themselves. That’s how you can create fast growth in your organization.
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