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Why You Should Promote Yourself And Not Your Network Marketing Company

Why building your brand is more important than building your network marketing business. Are You Promoting Yourself or Are You Promoting Your Network Marketing Company?If you’re promoting your company, you might want to rethink that strategy. What would you do if your company were to shut their doors?What would happen to your income?What would happen to your […]

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Getting Leads for Your Business

Getting leads for any business that provides a product or service to the consumer is critical. Same goes for your Network Marketing business. Getting leads to introduce your company’s presentation to is the number one thing that you should be focusing on daily. Here are a few simple ideas that you can use to generate leads easily.“Invest, Learn, Teach” or […]

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The Law of Averages

If you are in Network Marketing, you need to understand that it’s a numbers game and that you can improve your odds of success with an understanding of how the Law of Averages works.How many of your prospects will say yes to what you have to offer whether it’s a product, service, or the business? According […]

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A Different Kind of Cash Flow

Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant is a great illustration of what it takes to gain financial freedom for you and your family.It also is a great explanation of the difference between linear and residual income.  The four quadrants are (E)mployee, (S)elf-employed, (B)usiness Owner and (I)nvestor.Robert want’s people to understand that one can and should move from […]

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