A Question To Ask To Develop Your Leaders

In your network marketing business, you are in the “leader builder business”.
To build leaders, you must teach them to be responsible for their own actions. Help them learn how to solve their own problems.
You must help your brand new distributors understand and accept personal responsibility for their actions and for their results.
Way too often struggling distributors will end up taking the blame off themselves and on to you.
Blaming you for every reason why they are not successful instead of investing their own time and effort in to learning the skills of the network marketing profession.
So what to do you do and how are you going to fix their problem? You don’t!
Here is something I learned from one of my mentors. When you first get your distributor started, write this on a piece of paper exactly:
I Will Help
Build Your Business
Tell them, “I will help YOU, but YOU build your business
This is a first step for your new distributor to become a leader.
So if your distributor comes to you with a challenge such as, “I’m having a hard time finding prospects to talk to.”. You can reply by asking: “If you were the leader of your group, what would you recommend?”
Now your distributor must come up with his own solution. This is a great way to teach your distributors to become their own leaders. And, this technique will protect your valuable time and keep your distributors from coming to you with every single problem they have.
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