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How to Leverage the Five Levels of Market Awareness to Dramatically Increase Your Marketing Returns

Can taunting your audience make for an effective ad campaign when promoting your business? Legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz who wrote the book “Breakthrough Advertising” sure thought so, running an advertorial with the following headline, back in 1967, in newspapers and magazines across the country… DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO EARN HALF A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR? Youch! The […]

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Keep it simple

You’ll never know if your new business partner that you’ve signed into the business will be your next superstar or not.   But as a leader of your team, it is your responsibility to get them started correctly and off to a great start. You need to make yourself available to them in the beginning […]

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A shortcut to present your opportunity

What if you don’t have time to build a relationship with a prospect and just want to present the opportunity?   Then don’t start with the product or service. Or the benefits of your opportunity and the company. Don’t mention the incentives, bonus checks, trips, cars, the awesome products, the owners/founders of the company, etc. […]

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A Question To Ask To Develop Your Leaders

In your network marketing business, you are in the “leader builder business”.   To build leaders, you must teach them to be responsible for their own actions. Help them learn how to solve their own problems. You must help your brand new distributors understand and accept personal responsibility for their actions and for their results. […]

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No Prospects = Stress

No Prospects = Stress The cause of stress and why many people quit network marketing is not having enough prospects or people to talk to. When you constantly bother friends and family and a few other prospects, you do everything you can to make them join your business opportunity. When they feel this pressure and […]

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